Pet/Companion Purchase Agreement
As breeders our main goal is to achieve by selective breeding, Bulldogs that possess the soundness, natural ability
and personality that is reflected in the breed standard. And to do all that is best possible to achieve and promote these
qualities. The following agreement is entered into by and between the following persons and is effect on the
______________day of ____________2018.


Buyer(s): ______________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________City:_________________________________


Phone: __________________________________________________Email: _________________________________

Puppy Description  

The buyer(s) hereby agrees to purchase a AKC ~ Male ____ - Female____/ English ____ - French_____Bulldog, as
described herein:

Sire:________________________________________________AKC # ____________________________________

Dam:_______________________________________________AKC # _____________________________________

AKC Litter # ______________________________________________

Date Of Birth:_____________________________________Color:_________________________

The consideration of this sale shall be in the sum of : $_______________________Dollars.

Deposit Terms And Conditions


Buyer agrees that a $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollar),
NON refundable, but transferable to the next available litter > One
Time Only - deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Should buyer apply deposit and decide not to take t puppy, the deposit
may be transferred to the next available litter providing seller is advised of cancellation when the litter is no older than
the age of 4 weks. Seller must be notified of cancellation via text, or email only. Should buyer cancel purchase after pups
are beyond the age of 4 weeks then deposit will NOT be transferrabe, and again NOT refundable (no exceptions). If buyer
is electing to transfer the deposit and have followed out the above terms then buyer agrees to the following terms and
conditions below:

Buyer must notify the seller within the first week of the next litter born and provide the seller a additional $250.00 (Two
Hundred Fifty dollar) deposit toward the balance due of the full purchase price. Which will then leave a full credit of
$750.00 (Seven Hundred Fifty dollars) off the balance of the full purchase price. If the buyer fails to follow these terms
and conditions the seller reserves the right to waive the sale. And NO deposit shall be returned.   

Seller Representations And Limited Warranty On Puppy

                                                                              Terms And Conditions

1.) To the best of the sellers knowledge this puppy is healthy at the time of sale.

2.) A current vaccination and worming record for this puppy was provided to buyer(s) on this said date. Well check by the
seller's Veterinarian was preformed prior to buyer(s) taking possession of the puppy. (Unless buyers opted to waive the
well check. Then buyer(s) must sign here >> ________________________________________________________.  

3.) That this puppy is a AKC registered purebred Bulldog. Buyer(s) shall receive the AKC registration
application upon providing the seller with a signed veterinarian documentation that this puppy has been
Spayed/Neutered no later than the age of 1 year (One Year Old ).
 Fax, text, or mailed vet invoice is required.  

Buyer has 48 hours from this signed date, to have this puppy examined by their veterinarian for a well check.
If at such time the buyer(s) vet should find a serious life threatening illness during this exam. The buyers must then
follow the requirements below for a full refund of the purchase price (or another puppy of equal value if one is available.

*Note* Failure to follow the requirements below shall make this agreement null and void::******

1.) If a serious, life threatening illness is diagnosed within 48 hours by the buyer(s) veterinarian: Then > Both Buyer(s)
And THEIR VET must contact me via telephone, within 48 hours to discuss diagnosis  - Then, fax a signed, dated, letter by
a state licensed veterinarian stating the life threatening illness found, deeming this puppy "unfit for purchase". Then
return the puppy immediately after leaving veterinarian's office.

**NOTE** - SHOULD IT BE A NEGATIVE EXAM>  And the buyer(s) elect to keep and have their vet treat puppy for any
illness, failing to return puppy back within the 48 hr guarantee.
NO refund will be offered. The signed buyer(s), herein
fully understand and agree to the terms, that at no time, will the seller/breeder be liable for any vet bills incurred for this
puppy after the sale. **All paperwork that was provided with this puppy on date of sale must also be provided back to the
seller/breeder, should it be necessary for return of the puppy.  

This puppy is guaranteed for 1 year of todays signed date for Severe, crippling hip displaysia (needing corrective surgery).
Puppy is also guaranteed against a Grade 4 or higher heart murmur, Severe Patella conditions requiring surgery. Seller
no other guarantee on this puppy. For the above guarantee, A replacement puppy of same sex, color, and value
will be offered in next litter (when available) . NO refunds will be offered, no exceptions::.
****Seller will extend the 1 year guarantee to 2 years***** If buyer maintains  puppy
on NuVet Plus supplements. Which may be ordered on our site.
Spay/Neuter Agreement                                                                     

This puppy is being sold on a AKC limited registration. Meaning puppy may still be registered with the American
Kennel Club, however cannot be used for the purpose of breeding. This puppy must be spayed/neutered no later than
the age on 1 year old. At which time, a certificate of Spay/Neuter must be provided to seller. Once received, the seller
will then furnish the buyer, an AKC registration application, to register the puppy. Failure to spay/neuter by or before
the age of 1 year old, is considered "
breach of contract" ~ As it will then be considered this dog has been or will be
used for the purpose of breeding. Should buyer fail to provide seller with a Spay/Neuter certificate within (1) year from
this date, all guarantees are "null and void", and the buyer(s) must then return this pup back to seller at their expense.
OR breeder shall make necessary arrangements to retrieve back the pup. Should it become necessary to pursue
legal action, it will be heard in the state of Tennessee. Any legal fees incurred for breach of contract will be the
buyer(s) responsibility. By signing herein, the buyer agrees to give the seller legal rights to obtain back the dog should
buyer fail to provide proof of Spay/Neuter by or before the age of 1 year old.  

                                                                                 Return Policy   

Should the buyer at anytime become unable to provide adequate care for this dog, and is unable to keep it for any
reason. It must be returned to the seller. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the seller. Upon return, no refund
will be offered or expected by the buyer(s). (Unless otherwise stated in writing). It must not be re-sold, re-housed, or
placed into an animal shelter or SPCA. Seller must be immediately notified for return arrangements (at the buyer(s)
expense). Upon return, all documentation and AKC registration must accompany the


Buyer was made aware that this puppy has received only 1 puppy vaccination prior to leaving, unless puppy was
placed at an older age:) then of which, puppy will be current on routine vaccinations/worming adequate for age.
However if puppy was placed at the age of 8 weeks, with 1 vaccination, the buyer understands, that puppy is not fully
protected against diseases by one vaccine. Buyer agrees to keep this puppy in confinement to only a limited area of
their home/yard until further vaccinations are provided by their vet. And agree they will not take this puppy to pet
parks, pet stores, or around strange animals. And not to allow this puppy to roam freely about the grounds of their
veterinarian on the first well check visit. As not all "healthy" animals are seen at the vet.

By signing below, the buyer(s) agree they have read and understand the terms and conditions set fourth herein. And
have agreed and accepted by signing below on this day of sale.


Buyer:_______________________________________________ Date:__________________________

Sellers printed name/address: